Food Premises Inspection

Food premise inspection was conducted at MAHSA University Cafeteria known as Habitat. The inspection was done on 29th June 2018. This inspection involved a total of five lecturers and 19 students from Environmental Health Department.

This inspection is a routine inspection which is conducted periodically by the Environmental Health and Safety Department for the purpose of protecting safety and health of the staff and students who are the main customers of the food premises. The purpose of this inspection is to evaluate the compliance of food premises in MAHSA University to the Food Act 1983, Food Regulations 1985 and Hood Hygiene Regulations, 2009. The rating of the inspection was based on the guideline as provided by the Ministry of Health in the food premise inspection form. 

Seminar on Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health 2018 

This seminar was held on 14th May 2018 by the Environmental Health Department with the aim of exposing under graduates to real world experiences by experts on "Current practices in occupational health and safety" was well as in "Current industrial hygiene practices". Assessing indoor air quality especially its impacts on receptors populations is an important trend in health impact assessment (HIA) which is currently recognized as a competency area for environmental health and safety practitioners. The Environmental Health Department organized this seminar with the objective to update current knowledge and practices in indoor air quality and occupational hygiene. 

The lectures begun with an "Introduction To Industrial Hygiene And Safety In Malaysia" by Madam Elaini Binti Wahab (Principal Assistant Director - Section Head J48, DOSH Putrajaya) followed by a talk on "Exposure Assessment Among Exposed Workers" by Assoc. Prof.Dr. Gauri Krishnaswamy (Occupational Medicine Physician), Deputy Dean of Student Experience - Faculty of Medicine, MAHSA University. After lunch the seminar had the next topic was on "Industrial Hygiene Practitioners" by Ir.Kim Kek Seong (MIHA, IEM & Sales Director Enovate PLT) and finally a lively presentation by Ir. Nimi Ahmad (IH&S Consultant, NIOSH & MIHA) on "Industrial Safety Practices And Protecting The Workers".

MAHSA University is collaborating with private and government sectors along with involvement of the professional bodies MIHA and MAEH as an affiliate of the International Federation of Environmental Health. The seminar provided a platform for knowledge advancement with skills exchanged on current practices in OSH and IH, networking and also future employment prospects for the participants. It created greater awareness on the role of EH in IH and OSH in the private sector as well making the graduates more employable.

Participants of the seminar
Participants of the seminar



5 & 6 MAY 2018

The International Conference on Manual Therapy organized by the Physiotherapy Department, MAHSA University was a continuing initiative to impart knowledge in various fields of physiotherapy education and practice. The first of its kind in Malaysia it attracted students, academicians and clinicians from various parts within Malaysia and abroad. This academic venture was graced by the presence of esteemed international speakers from Australia Dr. Steve Milanese and Prof. Dr. Helen Slater. The keynotes given by them were highly informative and educative. The conference proceeding had different plenaries by eminent and knowledgeable speakers like Dr. Nagarajan, Dr. Subhash Khatri, Dr. Low Soo Fin and Dr. Mary Cardosa. Eight free papers were presented and the best paper was awarded. The sessions highlighted the latest treatment techniques which will be beneficial to the clinicians, academicians and students of physiotherapy. One hundred physiotherapists, 176 physiotherapy students and lecturers attended the conference and two pre-conference workshops on manual therapy techniques and a post conference workshop on pain.

The Chair of the conference and also the Dean of the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences Associate Professor Chan Sook Chin, delivered her welcome speech followed by the opening address by Pro-Chancellor Prof. Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohamed Haniffa bin Hj. Abdullah.

Pre-conference workshops on "Advanced Manual Therapy Assessment and Treatment using Maitland - Based approach including Neurodynamic Testing" and "Integrated approach to motor control training for non-specific lumbopelvic pain and posterior pelvic pain" was conducted by Dr. Steve Milanese and Dr. Nagarajan Manickaraj on 3 & 4 May 2018. The post-conference workshop was conducted by Prof. Dr.Helen Slater on ''Driving evidence into meaningful real-world practice to improve musculoskeletal pain outcomes''

The grand success of the first International Conference on Manual therapy 2018 has given us the impetus to organize more such events in the future. The conference enabled us to bring together eminent academicians and clinicians in the field of physiotherapy on the same platform to share their expertise and enhance evidence-based practice.


Academic Staffs and Students of Environmental Health programme
Academic Staffs and Students of Environmental Health programme
Academic Staffs of Environmental Health Programme
Academic Staffs of Environmental Health Programme

Seminar on Air Dispersion and Pollution Modelling 2017

This seminar was organized on 27th August 2017 by Environmental Health Department with the aim of exposing students to the real world experiences by experts on air pollution and air dispersion modeling techniques. Predicting air pollution dispersion and its impacts on receptors populations is a leading trend in environmental impact assessment (EIA) which is knowledge based risk management tool and recognized as a futuristic for environmental health and safety practitioners.

The initial presentation was by Mr. Ryan Ooi Chean Wei, from Department Of Environment (DOE) on "Air quality issues and enforcement of the Environmental Quality Act 1974 in Malaysia". Later a consultant Industrial Hygienist, Mr. Ng Wei Khiang of CIH Technologies Sdn Bhd & past ILO Training Director, spoke on "Indoor and ambient air quality monitoring". The next speaker was Mr.Tan Poh Aun, from SOx and NOx Asia Sdn Bhd spoke on "Surveillance and monitoring of air pollution". Finally the President of Malaysian Association of Environmental Health (MAEH), Mr. Tee Eng Ong, spoke on "Environmental health and safety professionals to be equipped with current knowledge and skills with emphasis on collaboration between private and government sectors along with professional body (MAEH) which is an affiliate of International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH).

The importance and impact of the seminar was in creating linkages with the private sector for MAHSA University graduates as the preferred EHS employees and for future internship or research opportunities.