Our first issue faculty newsletter, "The Voice of FHSS" will be released in July and I appreciate the editorial board members for putting together interesting articles which can be shared among faculty staff and students. A newsletter created must be able to attract readers. Faculty staff and students can develop creative writing, talent, innovative ideas, supportive network and promoting research interest besides sharing knowledge through The Voice of FHSS.

This newsletter has a student corner where students can share their views and experiences be it within the campus or in the field. Some students have rich experiences in voluntary services, community work, participation in sport events and cultural activities, so this newsletter will be a good platform for them.

The next half of the year I hope all of us in the faculty will take a positive step to strive for excellence in our work in line with the university and faculty missions. Every academic staff must make an attempt to conduct at least one research. The research can be in your discipline or innovative teaching and learning. If we never initiate we will never see the opportunities that are available.

I am looking forward to the commencement of the Master of Physiotherapy programme in September. I am also hoping the approval for the open distant learning (ODL) programmes in Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Environmental Health from Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) as there are many diploma graduates wish to upgrade to degree level. The ODL in Bachelor of Medical Imaging will be completed for submission to MQA.

We must always remind ourselves, as teachers, we are successful if our students are successful. If we keep this thought we have reasons to continue our job.

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself " John Dewey

John Dewey is an American philosopher and educator who was a founder of the philosophical movement known as pragmatism, a pioneer in functional psychology, and a leader of the progressive movement in education in the United States. He believed human being learned through 'hands-on approach'.