Clinical Observation Experiences

As students, we all remember the first time we saw a real physiotherapist in action, performing what - to us at the time seems - like magic. Recently, the students of Cohort 10 went on their first clinical observation and have shared their account of the experience with us:

Best Experience Ever!

On the 16th, 20th and 23rd of July we went on clinical observation as part of our professional development classes at MAHSA Clinic in Kuala Lumpur. There, we met Mr. Andrew, an ex-student of the university who is now working at the clinic. It was amazing to see how certified physios actually operate and we got the chance to have first-hand experience on how to treat people suffering from Parkinson's Disease. There was one lady in her late 80's who was being treated by Mr. Andrew who really left an impact. She was in an advanced stage of Parkinson's. Struggling with her treatment through her exhaustion, she really touched my heart. But the person who really astonished me was Mr. Andrew. He was strict and yet flexible on the exercises. Always pushing the patient the extra step forward even though the patient felt like giving up and sleeping. Sit-ups, cycling and leg raises, exercises that are really strenuous for the patient were done. At first I thought it was a bit inconsiderate as I could not fathom whether it was helping the patient or not. It gave me much food for thought but afterwards I realized that this is for the patient's welfare. This touched me deep down as I realized that the act of actually pushing the patient, within safety limits, for his/her own good even though it may cause some people to be cold towards us is actually quite the laudable deed. It gave me additional motivation as it reminded me why I always wanted to be a physiotherapist in the first place, to help people and make the world a healthier place. The job of physiotherapist is quite complex. It is like investigating a murder case, we have to trace everything back to the source and sometimes go so deep we actually delve into people's personal life. In a nutshell, this experience was eye-opening and gave me strength to keep going as it reassures me I was doing the right thing for me and those around me.

by D. Olivier André (Cohort 10)

Putting Theory into Practice

Most students understand the theory behind physiotherapy if they have studied hard enough and have gotten the best information from their educators. But they are often clueless when they are told to perform treatments on actual patients. I think that MAHSA University has taken the first step towards helping students avoid this problem in the future.

As one of the students who have been on a clinical observation this year in physiotherapy centre in MAHSA University on 13th,16th and 20th of July 2018, I found this experience important and useful. I learnt how the physiotherapists deal with and treat the patients. One of the conditions we observed was Parkinson's disease. The patient we saw had been coming for treatment for four years. From this experience, I can say that integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application in physiotherapy studies is very important as practical application improves practical skills among physiotherapy students.

by Khawla M. Houade (Cohort 10)

NASAM Annual Food and Fun Fair

On the 8th of July, students from MAHSA University participated in a Food & Fun Fair event at Taman Jaya park in Petaling Jaya. This event is organised annually by the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM), and this year, students from Cohort 9 of Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) programme and Batch 54 of Diploma in Physiotherapy programme were in attendance to lend a helping hand in raising funds for stroke survivors.

The event, which ran from 9am to 2pm, drew the crowd with a variety of exciting Harry Potter-themed game stalls, some of which were manned by the student volunteers from MAHSA. All in all there were 8 game stalls, offering games ranging from a basketball throw to balloon shooting arranged in a circular fashion near the entrance of the park. Visitors to the fair could participate in the games by trading in coupons that they had bought prior to the event or at the event itself. During the event, families, kids, teens, adults and even stroke survivors could be seen participating in the games and really giving it their all.

Some of the volunteers from MAHSA University were also tasked with transferring food from supply trucks to the 15-20 food stalls that were arranged on the sides of the walking path and into the center of the park. A wide range of food, snacks and ice-creams were sold in these stalls. The event organizer and sponsors were also present at the event and could be found enjoying the delicacies offered. The event even featured a few dance performances in the center of the park to keep the visitors entertained as they dined.

Speaking about their experience at the food and fun fair, the students of Cohort 9 and Batch 54 expressed that their gratitude for having been given the opportunity to volunteer at this event and say that they would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Volunteers for International Conference on Manual Therapy

Group photo of the volunteers with the Dean of FHSS, Assoc. Prof. Chan Sook Chin (right 4), Head of Physiotherapy Department, Assoc. Prof. Lourdhuraj Irudhayaraj (right 5) and Deputy Head of Physiotherapy Department, Madam Mahadevi Barathi (left 1).

MAHSA Physiotherapy Department organized the International Conference on Manual Therapy on 5 and 6 May 2018. The students from both the Diploma and Bachelor of Physiotherapy programmes were being very proactive and volunteered to be part of this International Conference. 

The day before the International Conference, the volunteers helped in preparing the goodies bags and arranging the name tags for all the VIPs, delegates and participants. During the International Manual Therapy Conference, the volunteers assisted the committees in the registration counters and distributed the goodies bags. The volunteers also gave their assistance in ushering the VIPs, delegates and participants into the hall and arranged their seats. During tea break and lunch time, the volunteers helped out at the cafeteria by collecting the coupon from the participants. In order to make sure the hall is clean after the conference, the volunteers helped in collecting the bottles from the floor and the seats. On the whole, the volunteers felt glad that they had the opportunity to be part of this conference. 

Program Blue Print Kebersihan Bukit Bintang

Students of Environmental Health program have participated in volunteer activity to clean the city of Kuala Lumpur. This events was held in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur on 21st April 2018. This is a collaborative event between many partners such as Kuala Lumpur City Council, non-profit organizations and academic institutions in order to create and encourage awareness of people about cleanliness and healthy environment.

            STUDENTS VOLUNTEERED FOR                                 COMMUNITY SERVICE                      (KL-MARAN MARATHON 2018)

This event was a community service which took place from 27th to 30th March 2018, involving a marathon journey of total 204km. There are total 10 volunteers involving 9 students from both Diploma and Bachelor of Physiotherapy and 1 physiotherapy lecturer, Mr. Manikandan Rengasamy for providing guidance for the student volunteers.

The volunteers served as the medical and physiotherapy team for this event. The volunteers followed the participants of this event throughout the marathon journey and offered some of the medical and physiotherapy services. The volunteers taught the participants some warm up and stretching exercises as well as helped to release the tight muscle with the aim to lower the risk of injuries. 

In addition, when the participants sprained their ankle, the volunteers helped to apply cold pack and bandaging to help reducing the pain and to control the swelling. Moreover, the volunteers also helped to clean the wounds and blisters that the participants developed during this event.